I’m a migraine sufferer. If you’re one of the unfortunate many who suffer from these debilitating headaches on crack you can understand the pain and discomfort. 😦

Migraine pain

Migraine pain

This rant is not just about having a migraine, it’s the lack of understanding that some people have as to what a migraine actually is and entails. The worst thing to say to a migraine sufferer is “Oh, it’s just a headache!” If they are currently experiencing one as you happen to utter those words, RUN do not walk to the nearest exit. If you suffered from them you would know that is the most insensitive and incorrect assumption.

If a migraine was an earthquake, it would register a 6 or 7. If it was a hurricane, a category 5. A migraine is not “just a headache” it’s a headache on steroids. It’s a headache cocktail of crack,3 bottles of vodka, 2 hangovers and a pinch of misery. (I wish I was exaggerating)

A really bad migraine can last from a day or two to a week. I’ve had whoppers that lasted for longer. Those are the worst because they give you a false sense of relief but instead…linger around like a bad smell. Those are the ones that may give you a pain free night and you wake up (without moving) in the morning thinking; “Is it gone?” “It’s gone!” and then…you move to lift your head from the pillow only to receive a sharp stab of pain behind your eye, or a pick axe to your temple and you FREEZE! not even daring to breathe until the horrible throbbing lessens its intensity. Then you move like a snail trapped in molasses, as you slither out of bed trying not to create any sudden movements or vibrations that will topple your equilibrium and have you curled up in a fetal position holding your head and trying not to black out from the pain.


As if these headaches aren’t bad enough, I suffer from the type of migraine that includes nausea, sensitivity to light and smells and I see auras. So, not only do I have a hammer whacking away at my temples…my stomach constantly feels the need to resurrect anything I try to consume, bright light gives me eye pain and I will be minding my own business and suddenly see flashes of yellow, red or gold out of the corner of my eye.

When you find an OTC (Over The Counter) medicine that works, you feel like an addict because it’s the only thing that keeps you sane and helps you function. Hopefully, they work…because there is no guarantee that it will always work, sometimes it depends on how quickly you take your meds when you feel one coming on.

I hope someone reading this will in future perhaps understand when someone says they have a migraine and instead of saying “it’s just a headache” will either understand their agony, offer to get some medication or at the very least tread softly, speak softly or back away slowly and leave them in a quiet, dark place to morph into the Incredible Hulk in peace. 🙂







3 thoughts on “Migraines….ugh!

  1. I remember these very well…I had one almost every day so I know these are no games…until I started eating a completely vegan diet. That was the one major change that I made. Research shows that dairy products could be one of the culprits beating the drum…

    • Almost everyday! Wow! I can’t imagine. I’m a pescetarian…not full vegan and I use almond milk. Different things set them off though however, I try to use natural healing methods when I can…usually when I sense one coming on, cause once it’s a full blown migraine, I just have to saddle up and ride it out. Glad you no longer suffer though Rumiyah!

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