Parking Woes…

Yes, I’m yet again on another mini rant of the “Etiquette” variety, this one involves the ( insert sarcasm here ) “wonderful” adventure that is parking. -_-

Now, there are some drivers out there that make parking a chore for themselves and at the very least…a nuisance for others. In the best of times, parking…(whether the actual act of navigating your vehicle into an allotted space or finding an available spot)…can be annoying.

Trying to find a parking spot to pull into on a busy street (that is at least 2 miles close to where you want to go) or finding a spot in a parking lot (especially a multi-level one at the mall etc) can give anyone a headache. Not to mention if you’re experiencing severe weather conditions such as falling snow, heavy rain or the heat of a blisteringly hot day. In either of those conditions, driving around aimlessly or being faced with inconsiderate drivers would rank very low on anyone’s Happy Meter



Today, I’m going to identify a few  types who are guilty of Poor Parking Etiquette:

  • The Line Jumper – This driver appears to have some spatial issues. There will be two spaces available beside each other and the Line Jumper chooses to park *directly* over the dividing line. WHY?!! Why do this? This is very annoying when there are no other spots available and one inconsiderate driver has taken up two spaces. If there are LOADS of empty spots, one may overlook it but not in a crowded or busy parking lot. It’s great to “think outside the box” but please…park your tail firmly within it in this situation. 🙂
Line Jumper

Line Jumper

  • The Ambusher – This driver appears to have access to a stealth mode. You will be patiently waiting in your car for a driver to pull out of a parking spot and out of thin air, the Ambusher swoops down like an eagle on its prey and pulls into the spot before you. You are left with mouth agape for a few seconds because you are *positive* there were no other cars vying for this spot. Once you recover from your surprise you either employ a few choice words (even if it’s in your head) or you drive off in disgust giving the interloper the side eye.

Being Ambushed

  •  The Poor Parallel Parker – The PPP is usually experienced while seeking street parking. While driving on a street that offers only parallel parking, most drivers may cruise a bit slowly so that they don’t miss a spot. There’s nothing worse than missing that one spot and traffic is lined up behind you and you have to circle and come back around on the street praying that it’s still available when you get back. The PPP is the worst type to encounter if you’re in a hurry to find a spot. This driver doesn’t know if to approach the spot head on or if they should reverse into it. So they try both methods at least four times while you silently fume in your car. If there is no space available for you to go around them while they figure it out, you may as well put your car in park/ mash the clutch and have yourself a coffee.


  • Mr. or Ms. Indecisive – They are the ones who can’t decide if they’re going to pull into a spot or not or if they’re turning left or right. It’s very difficult driving behind this type as you don’t dare try to go around them just in case they decide to pull out into the same direction. Also, many times their indicator isn’t being employed either…so unless you fancy a fender bender (and who does with these ridiculous insurance rates), you simply grin and bear it and hope they make a decision this week.

Waiting for the Indecisive

  • Mr. or Ms. In-My-Own-World – This type can be observed returning to their vehicle just as you’re approaching and looking for an available spot. You pump your fist and give a triumphant “Yeahhhh!” at your good luck in being in the right place at the right time. This is great especially when the spot is close to the entrance of the building you’re going into. You come to a stop with your indicator on (gotta look out for the Ambusher) and make eye contact with them, maybe even give a head nod, so they realize you are waiting for them to vacate the spot.  Waiting for IMOW

Mr. or Ms. IMOW, has no sense of urgency. You politely wait for them to put purchases into their car and give them time to find keys and what not…only to find yourself 5 minutes later wondering what is taking them so long! If they’re with someone else, you may observe a conversation happening, maybe some laughs. If they’re alone, they may decide it’s a good time to make a call or root around in their car/hand bag. Now, if you want the spot THAT badly, you tap your fingers against the steering wheel and mutter “Come on! Come on! Come on!” and exercise your patience thoroughly or you pull off in disgust at their level of loitering. (This type does not refer to the elderly, disabled or parents with small children in tow).

Are you one of these types or have you encountered any of them in your parking adventures?

Did I miss any other types? Holla back at me and let me know! 🙂



6 thoughts on “Parking Woes…

  1. The inconsiderate spot thief — this is the sob who sees you waiting for the spot — perhaps you have inched up a bit to clear the traffic and allowed other motorists to go by before backing into the space — and in drives the parking spot bandit, taking the spot you have circled the block twice for, waited on the previous occupant to off load groceries or strap in a wailing kid (which requires alot of time), before taking the drivers seat, check appearance and make up, then sends a quick text before finally driving off. Yep! Such an unpleasant personal experience.

  2. Talk about parking…Have you ever been about to park in a quite legal parking space on the side of the street (in St. John’s) only to be approached by a private business owner telling you that you can’t park there? Then they bring out their plastic chair or some blocks to occupy the space?! I’ve had a few fun times getting out the car and removing blocks and

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