How do you beat the blues?

At some point in our lives we get into a slight funk…not the smelly kind…the kind that makes you feel BLAH! The blues. That mood that saps your energy and is usually accompanied by lots of sighs.

Feeling Down

Feeling Down

In the Caribbean there is a saying “annuh everyday a Chrismus!” (Not every day is Christmas). It basically means you can’t feel “happy-happy-joy-joy” ALL the time, though I know it’s something most people strive for or at least would like to experience regularly. 🙂

Sometimes, the blues sneak up on you. This could be due to many reasons: ill health, an argument, stress, fatigue or even the weather. Yep! The weather. It has been proven that during the winter lots of people suffer from depression or get into a funk.

Whatever the reason is for feeling the blues, I think once you have acknowledged that you’re not feeling your best self, your next step should be to try to improve your mood.

I was asked what do I do to beat the blues. Well, I love music. For me it’s the quickest way to give me an energy boost and lighten up my mood immediately. I plug in my ipod and jam away (in my head if I’m in public) or around the room if I’m in the comfort of my own home. Though I have been known to “bust a move” randomly while walking on the street if I feel the urge! So what if people give me the side eye or think I’m crazy?! I just smile to myself and keep it moving.

Listening to good music

Listening to good music


Watching ridiculous videos on Youtube is also good for a laugh 😀 or a stroll through some Facebook memes.

A hug from your significant other or a quick call to your friend is also a good way to beat the blues.

Big Hug

Big Hug







Whatever the reason for a blue mood, I’d say the most important thing is to not wallow in it for too long and avoid negative people. Those two things are counter-productive.

To appreciate the highs of life, we sometimes must pass through some lows. Just remember not to stay in the valley because the view from the mountain top awaits!

If you’re feeling the blues right now…this one’s for you! 🙂


Let me know what you do to “beat the blues”.


DP: How do you beat the blues?


11 thoughts on “How do you beat the blues?

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  2. What a comforting and inspiring post with very helpful suggestions! Like you, I find that music can typically lift my mood. And THANK YOU for the wonderful link to the “Happy” song. I mean, really…How can you NOT smile when listening to that?! 😀

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  7. Nice post…

    I use photography as a picker-upper. I grab my camera and go. Just recently, I took a (two?) mile walk on the train tracks with my camera. It was quite liberating and relaxing. Photography picks me up in two ways: 1) It forces me to look at things differently and brings me close to the details of an object/subject…2) Being outside is always liberating.

    If not photography, then I hop on my bicycle and just ride or go running (weather permitting). Other times I just find a spot in the park where there is water (a pond or a fountain) and count the ripples in the pond or the drops of sprays from the fountain.

    Whatever it is, I find that being outside is a big help.

    • Photography is a great way to relax! I’m not very good at it but I do love to snap away at interesting things myself. I find I like to photograph landscapes and churches… I plan to invest in a good camera soon and take things up a notch. 🙂

      Being outside is great to beat the blues as well. I appreciate the outdoors so much more now that I’m in a country where it rains constantly. 🙂

      Thanks for your post jay d!

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