It’s Day 11! NaPoWriMo Poetry Challenge…

It’s day 11 of the NaPoWriMo poetry challenge and I’m still hanging in there. Today’s prompt was interesting and I tried my best.

Here is the background prompt for today’s challenge: “Poets have been writing about love and wine, wine and love, since . . . well, since the time of Anacreon, a Greek poet who was rather partial to that subject matter. Anacreon developed a particular meter for his tipsy, lovey-dovey verse, but Anacreontics in English generally do away with meter-based constraints. Anacreontics might be described as a sort of high-falutin’ drinking song. So today I challenge you to write about wine-and-love.”

“My Two Loves”

In moments when I choose to dine

I “class it up” with a glass of wine.

Though I’ll often have two or three,

I enjoy it best with company.

My lover thinks  there is no test

Spanish wine is what he loves best.

I love them all though I lean towards red,

too much white sends me to bed!

Merlot’s good, Pinot’s okay

but I love a glass of chilled Rose’.

My lover and a bottle of wine…

the combination leaves me on cloud nine.

I embrace them both and will for years

clink your glasses with me…


(Copyright 2014 chattinatti)

red wine


4 thoughts on “It’s Day 11! NaPoWriMo Poetry Challenge…

  1. Love this!! You can be a spokesperson for it too. You make me want to go and have some wine now…lol, seriously. Cheers!

  2. You write the most delightful poetry! I found my mouth watering more with every line. I usually don’t drink on Mondays…but I think I’ll have to make an exception. I have a box of Moscato in my fridge- Classy, I know! 🙂 Really, though. You have a very clever title and a smooth, rich flow to the verses 😉

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