NaPoWriMo Challenge Day 13…Robot Babysitter

It’s day number lucky thirteen and today’s NaPoWriMo challenge is to write a poem containing at least one kenning.You may be wondering what that is:

“Kennings were metaphorical phrases developed in Nordic sagas. At their simplest, they generally consist of two nouns joined together, which imaginatively describe or name a third thing. The phrase “whale road,” for example, could be used instead of “sea” or “ocean,” and “sky candle” could be used for “sun.”

My poem for this challenge is called: “Robot Babysitter”

She sits inside the chosen room

and often rules the roost.

Telling tales of impending gloom

adrenalin she boosts.

Forbidden tales she sometimes tells

are better left untold.

She drowns the sound of mother’s yells

the kids are in her hold.

She holds court whether day or night,

she has no need of sleep.

She seldom filters wrong from right,

images into their subconscious seep.

It’s not her job to legislate

what should be left unseen.

If something’s inappropriate

employers should be more keen.

Robot babysitter can be used for good

if a parent supervises

and she definitely should

not be left to her own devices.

(Copyright 2014 chattinatti)


Have a look at some kennings by fellow bloggers:


7 thoughts on “NaPoWriMo Challenge Day 13…Robot Babysitter

  1. This is very clever, and I didn’t catch on until “She drowns the sound of mother’s yells.” I also like the line where she holds court day or night. I’m fascinated by how many court shows are on at all hours! This is wonderfully written, and you addressed an all-too-common issue that we face today!

    • Thank you! “Holding court” meant that the television commands/demands attention but it is also true that Court dramas play out 24hrs a day! 😀 So I like that it can be viewed both ways. 🙂

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