Day 23 of the NaPoWriMo Poetry Challenge!

Today’s challenge was a real challenge! I decided to give it a try anyway. 🙂

Today’s optional prompt asks the poet to write a homophonic translation. Find a poem in a language you don’t know, and translate it into English based on the look of the words and their sounds. For example, here are three lines from a poem by the Serbian poet Vasko Popa:

Posle radnog vremena
Radnici su umorni
Jedva cekaju da stignu u barake

I might translate this into English as

Post-grad eggnog, ramen noodles.
Nikki in the morning,
jacket just stuck with brakes.

After working on this poem and trying to translate what the Spanish words sound like to me in English…the results sound like drunken gibberish 😀 I know the poem isn’t meant to rhyme but the words are so random, I call it: “Poem by a Mad Drunk”

I chose “Explico Algunas Cosas” [ “I’m Explaining A Few Things”] by Chilean poet Pablo Naruda and opted to use the first two verses of his poem.

“Explico Algunas Cosas”                                                    “Poem by a Mad Drunk”

Preguntaréis: Y dónde están las lilas?                                 (Pregnant she is. Aye? Dandy Stan’s lass Lilas!
Y la metafísica cubierta de amapolas ?                                 Aye! lamb metaphysics curbs better umbrellas.
Y la lluvia que a menudo golpeaba                                       Why Laluvia queues? Men do gulp peas.
sus palabras llenándolas                                                      Sue’s pale bras lend Ann dollars.
de agujeros y pájaros?                                                          Aguilera, why Pajeros?)

Os voy a contar todo lo que me pasa.                                 (Envoy counts the dough, ‘cuse me please sir.

Yo vivía en un barrio                                                           Yo! Vivia! End the barrier.  
de Madrid, con campanas,                                                The mad red corn camp is Ana’s.
con relojes, con árboles.                                                    Canteloupes con our bowls)

Here is my homophonic translation





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