NapoWriMo Poetry Challenge Day 24…

I’m a bit late with my latest offerings for the NaPoWriMo challenge…I’ve been ill for the past two days but decided to still write poems for the days I missed. šŸ™‚

Day 24’s challenge prompt was to “write a poem that features walls, bricks, stones, arches, or the like.”

“The Protector”

Through rain and wind I stand firm

protecting the ones I love.

My wooden walls bear witness

to growth spurts

and the whimsy of a decorator’s fancy.

The warm, red brick of my fireplace

has witnessed tears, laughter…

even a proposal.

During the winter is when it’s most popular

and my family gathers around me

to enjoy my glowing warmth.

As rain, hail or snow

batters my shutters, like a sentinel

I stand guard.

I’ll take Mother Nature’s pummeling.

Not a splinter and nary a shard shall fall

on the heads of those in my charge.

My bricks, sticks, mortar and stone

are material to you

to my family…it’s home.

(Copyright 2014 chattinatti)

Photo Courtesy: Star Tribune

Photo Courtesy: Star Tribune


One thought on “NapoWriMo Poetry Challenge Day 24…

  1. We don’t give our homes nearly the gratitude and respect they deserve! A wonderful poem, my favorite part is about the fireplace witnessing tears, laughter, and a proposal. After reading this and seeing the photo at the end, I feel sorry for the poor house. I often find myself wondering what walls have witnessed.

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