So…I’m stuck…

Not literally…more like figuratively and maybe a little mentally lol.

I’ve had a blog post in my head dedicated to Maya Angelou floating around since the day I heard of her passing.

I’ve not put my thoughts down yet because I’ve been thinking of what I could possibly say…and how to say it in such a way as to truly honour her and my memory of her. She was such an inspiration to me personally and such a literary giant that I am humbled to even consider paying homage…so…I’m still sorting that out.

Courtesy- Google Images

Courtesy- Google Images







Then I’m still watching the news about the Nigerian girls and Boka Haram and not quite believing they haven’t all been rescued yet…though I saw the other day that some managed to escape.

Also, right now we’re having such good weather in Belfast (well…”good” for the weather standards here) that I have just been beside myself with appreciation. I have gone for almost an entire year in this place without witnessing such sunshine, so I’ve been loathe to rush inside until I absolutely have to. 😀

Ormeau Park

Ormeau Park

Then last night, I watched my favourite football team #Brazil suffer such defeat I’m still in shock and disbelief that it actually happened. Germany beat Brazil 7-1 :O To be beaten at this stage of the World Cup is bad enough, to lose by SUCH a large margin is simply devastating!

Official Fifa World Cup 2014 Logo

Official FIFA World Cup 2014 Logo

I can only imagine the psyche of the Brazilian players, teams and nationals. To be beaten so thoroughly in your own home is nothing short of soul-crushing! I will stop now before I re-live too much of the trauma!

I was also torn watching the World Cup because as much as I enjoy the matches and I am a fan of the Brazil team, the social and economic issues affecting a large percentage of the population makes it hard to fully enjoy the world cup. I’m appalled at conditions and I’m aware of what is going on (outside of the World Cup matches) but I’m excited by the World Cup itself. What a moral dilemma. :-/    sigh

Please excuse my randomness but my mind is hither, thither and yon these past two weeks…and I’m trying to rein her in but decided not to leave my Blog out here by her lonesome waiting on me to “get-it-together” 😀

And maybe also, I should stop waiting for the perfect post and just…POST! 🙂

Thanks for hanging in there with me and I promise you will be hearing more from me soon!.

CN ❤


6 thoughts on “So…I’m stuck…

  1. I’ve always found the cure for writers block is to start writing about everything and anything around me and from that find a golden nugget blog post!
    I too was shocked and devastated by Brazil’s loss… the final will be an interesting one.

    • I think you’re right! 😀 Just empty your head out and hope the randomness makes some sort of sense and good reading! 🙂
      Re: Brazil-I’m still trying to tell myself it’s real and not FIFA on Play Station! Yes it will! Thanks so much for your reply!

  2. There’s nothing wrong with randomness, Natti! Like you, I was moved to write a post about Maya, but when I attempted, I felt like nothing I could write would do her justice. I empathize with your soccer disappointment- but hey, there’s always next year! What matters is that you’re still writing! Remember, there’s o such thing as perfect- maybe because everything is perfect in its imperfections. 🙂

  3. Nats — the rants and raves came together nicely. I followed with ease as you weaved through your head space. As someone posted nothing is perfect — seek to write instead of seeking perfection. I know.. Easier said than done especial when this medium exposes you to MILLIONS of readers across the globe. I would want the perfect blog too. Know you readers enjoy what you put out there and we thirst for more. Until next time… Hopefully sooner than later.

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