So many things…where to start?

So, I’m kicking myself in the procrastinating butt! 🙂 Finally…

So many things going on all around the world…it’s just been crazy watching the news.

Every time I tell myself I’m going to stop watching the news for a week, my self snickers. My natural curiosity and my journalistic background would not permit me to do that. I’m addicted to the news. I’ll watch the news, news-breaks, news re-caps, “Breakfast” news, mid-morning news, the 7 o’clock news, the 10 o’clock news.

I’d watch news on at least three different channels in one night as long as sleep didn’t get the better of me. I also have news apps on my mobile and on social media. I’m bombarded with news.

It’s hard having an empathic spirit/personality and even more so when you view some of what is going on in the world today. I honestly feel drained sometimes at the end of a news report. Smh! 😦

We still have the Nigerian school girls in captivity… people are dying by the dozens in the Israel versus Gaza on-going battle. There are police officers in New York being accused and captured on video allegedly abusing and causing the death of an unarmed and ill man.


I pray for the innocent bystanders, I pray for the young, the very old, the in-between, the helpless. Those who have no where to run to but no place left to hide.

For the babies being born into these circumstances, for those who will be left motherless, fatherless, childless, partner-less…and just left with…less.

When will we all realize that we all entered this world with nothing but our physical selves and our souls (for those who believe in souls)? When we leave, we’ll be leaving here more or less the same way we came in.

The average life span is a very short one in the bigger picture of things…live and let live…love and give love.

❤ CN


4 thoughts on “So many things…where to start?

  1. Its just too tragic. I can’t get myself to watch the news anymore. I can’t even log into twitter/facebook without the endless newsfeed about tragic stories all over the world. It is a very sad state of affairs indeed!

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