Women…why do we do these things to ourselves? :)

So I’m a shoe lover just like so many other women and men out there. If you’re a true shoe lover you know how it is when you’ve bought a pair or two and just haven’t gotten the opportunity to wear them yet. You start thinking…I need to find someplace to wear these; when you don’t though, you just decide to wear them the next time you go out ANYWHERE. πŸ˜€

I bought a few pairs of shoes while on vacation and decided that I was going to wear my beige and brown platforms two Saturdays ago. It was Date Day with the hubby, so here I was thinking I’m going to wear my new shoes and be all cute. L.O.L.

The perpetrators

The perpetrators

It ended up being one of those days where a lot of walking was required because I had a wedding gift to shop for and a few errands to run. Did it occur to me prior to leaving home that perhaps this wasn’t the best day to wear those shoes? Of course not!

I didn’t think I’d end up doing so much running around. After about an hour of running errands, I noticed that the slight rubbing at the back of my Achilles tendon was becoming more pronounced and slightly uncomfortable but I thought…it’s because the shoes are new and the leather just needs to be “broken in”.

I minced my way through the mall, through the city streets and a few shops…by the time we made it to our favourite lunch spot about two hours later I was ready for a foot soak. As luck (and the Shoe Gods) would have it, we got a parking spot right in front of Albany’s. This NEVER happens. :O

I said a quick prayer of gratitude but grit my teeth and said, no way was I hobbling into this restaurant like some stiletto amateur! So I got out of the car without collapsing from the pain in my tendons and I sashayed into that place like I was fresh out of my house and going down the catwalk.

I was so grateful to be seated…it was pride alone why I didn’t reach down to rub my aching heels.

So I made it through the lunch and we headed home. Never was I so glad to turn the key in that lock. πŸ˜€

When I sat down and removed those shoes, it was like the heavens opened up and a choir was singing the Hallelujah chorus! πŸ˜€ When I reached to rub the back of my heels, I realized they were bleeding and raw from where the top of the shoe rubbed my skin. (Why do they not design these high strapped shoes so that the back support sits more comfortably?)

The Perpetrators 2

The Perpetrators 2

I didn’t take a pic of my feet then because I didn’t want to make anyone cringe, so I gave it a week to heal.

The Victims

The Victims

I must say though, when I saw my Achilles at the end of the day, there was a tiny part of me that said “Damn! girl, you’re gangsta!” “You rocked those shoes all DAY and this is what you were dealing with!”Β  Lol!

**I don’t know WHY my pic of my feet in my pink socks couldn’t rotate, sorry it’s upside down** πŸ™‚

Yeah they’re cute but…why do we do these things to ourselves ladies? πŸ˜€

Holla back if you have a shoe saga! πŸ˜‰







12 thoughts on “Women…why do we do these things to ourselves? :)

  1. Lol, good question! What do they say? Hmm…something like, “beauty comes with pain.” They elongate the legs and just look so fabulous. Grrr

  2. You know how tight I am with my shoes. You are a soldier & I’m proud of you sister. πŸ˜€ lol No man could have gone through 5 seconds of what you did, in the name of sexy. πŸ™‚ Sidenote:* Those are some cute ass shoes.

  3. I have experienced this one time and learned to use caution and pay close attention on the contact of the shoes to my feet. It is a tough thing to watch out for but the heels are always worth it. πŸ˜‰

    • Yes, I’m going to have to do a bit more walking around in-store with certain styles of shoes. Yes very tough because I tend to like high and with straps πŸ˜€ but yeah…totally worth it! πŸ™‚

  4. I can so relate. But I will always make a conscious choice to get my sexy on in the baddest, sexiest heels even if it means war on my feet. :). Only shoe lovers can relate. You rock.

    I’m sure you exuded confidence, sass, style and sex appeal as you strutted about your way that Saturday. Jacked up Achilles are well worth it.

  5. Lol. I feel you. Right now I have to be sporting sandals because I have a corn the size of a kidney bean on my pinky toe. What upsets me the most is that I got it from a pair of flats! Not heels, flats. What a waste.

  6. Oh my goodness Tracy! I feel your pain. Flats?!!! How very dare they?! πŸ˜€ Waste indeed…at least if it was from a pair of heels it would be the badge of a good Shoe soldier. πŸ˜‰

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