Secret Santa…

So it’s the time of year for merry-making, carols, nativity-scenes, Christmas plays and the popular (in some places) group activity known as Secret Santa.

Secret Santa is something I was introduced to in high school…many years ago (we won’t get into just how many year). In order to organize a Secret Santa ; an amount of how much everyone is willing to spend on a gift is decided upon by the individuals participating, once the amount is chosen, each participants’ name goes into a hat (or container) and everyone randomly picks a name from it.

Secret Santa

Secret Santa

The names chosen should remain a secret. The gift-giver buys a gift that he or she thinks the person they picked would like or appreciate for the specified amount and the gifts are all exchanged on a chosen date. Some groups decide to have the gifts exchanged face to face or others have them handed out by a selected gift distributor. At the gift exchange it is revealed who the Secret Santas were and hopefully, everyone is pleased and has a good laugh…hopefully.

I had one or two bad experiences in high school and in old work places with Secret Santa LOL! Maybe two good ones as well but the crazy ones made me decide to opt out of any in the future .

So, when my present co-workers decided to have a Secret Santa this week, I kinda just said “nah”. I admit for a split second I felt a bit “Grinchy” But then I thought…nah! I’ll just sit back and watch as it all enfolds. πŸ™‚

It’s quite fun being on the outside of this group because I’ve gone around to see who selected whose names. Lol!

So I’m in on everyone’s secret and have been sitting quite smugly.

It is a nice tradition and can be quite sweet when gifts are exchanged. It’s also nice watching my co-workers get into the spirit of Christmas. It’s a bit too early for me. I still have to put my Christmas tree up and buy some new lights for the tree as well. (Nothing’s worse than that one rogue bulb that just messes up the entire circuit).

I digress but I’m trying to warm up into the Christmas spirit this week.

I had a flashback to a Secret Santa in my second year of high school where I received a used Teddy Bear for a $10 gift πŸ˜€ I mean…Lol!

Have you ever participated in a Secret Santa?

Did you get any good prezzies or where you left wondering W-T-H? πŸ˜€

Holla back! ❀ CN



2 thoughts on “Secret Santa…

  1. Ahh Tis the season… Merry giving, sorrel drinking and nuff ham nyamins (eating). I love Christmas. All that to say I just purchased a Dunkin Donuts gift card for my co-worker Janice. I’m hoping she is excited about it since DD is her go to spot for her hot beverages… Starbucks is in the lobby of our building but Janice would walk across the street (in rain and cold temps) to patronize and enjoy her “spot”. So when I got her name for our office secret Santa it was a no brainer.
    I will admit over the years SS has gotten a bit boring because most coworkers opt for the safety of gift cards. It lacks creativity and humor. I think next year I will suggest we should avoid the “good ole faithful” gift cards as gift options.
    I’m quite guilty (and perhaps hypocritical) since I’ve given gift cards for the last four years 😣.

    The gift exchange event is always quite festive especially since drinking cocktails and hard liquor is involved. I think the alcohol helps to buffer or reduce the disappoint of receiving a “bad” gift. Thankfully however in my group folks tend to play it safe — gift card glory. Boring but safe. Keeps us liking each other throughout the rest of the season/work year.

    My secret santas have been decent… I’ve received gift cards every year except one (4 Christmas) and the year I didn’t get a gift card I wasn’t terribly excited about the gift but wasn’t upset either… Kinda blah about it.
    Ok I’ve rampled enough.
    Good post Nats.

  2. Thank you for the great response Tara Ife! πŸ˜€ I totally get where you’re coming from! I guess people play it safe with gift cards sometimes because they are afraid of disappointing or maybe giving a gift that’s not useful. πŸ™‚ It’s hard choosing a specialized gift for someone if you don’t know them very well…so most people “play it safe”.
    Hope you get a gift you like this Christmas from your Secret Santa (and from the Santas you know as well!) πŸ˜€

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