Is it too much to ask…?

So, I have a tiny pet peeve and I just had to post.

Why is it that when you go to certain establishments to spend your hard-earned money…whether a restaurant, supermarket, retail store etc and you happen to be paying cash and you quite deliberately place your money into the cashier’s hand that some of them plop your change on the counter?

What’s WITH that?! I mean…I’m not an overly sensitive person but I do consider myself to be somewhat on the “polite” or “respectful” side of life. If I take the time to place the money in your hand…(even if the counter is right there and I could just plop it there and let you pick it up yourself) then why not just extend similar courtesy and put the change back in my hand?

Courtesy: Google Images

Courtesy: Google Images

I mean, would a nano second of courtesy take your nose out of joint that much?

Am I taking it too seriously do you think?

Has this ever happened to you?

What ever happened to common courtesy in the Customer Service Industry?

Or is it just me? πŸ˜‰

❀ CN


4 thoughts on “Is it too much to ask…?

  1. Ahhh there are a series of issues surrounding customer service these days. Recently I shopped at a store and forgot my store card. I kindly asked the cashier to look up my information so I could get the points… She was already was not the friendliest cashier and to add fuel to the fire… I wanted her to do additional work. With her back to me as she used another system to check my data.. He eyes were rolling in all sorts of direction. I was able to see her expressions because she was turn sideways somewhat as she was performing the search. You would have thought I asked her to kill a cow and drink it’s blood. Seriously. That killed the shopping vibe for me.

  2. Hey Tara ife, I can totally relate. That would definitely kill my vibe as well. It’s like some CSRs fail to realize is that customers are not a disruption to their work, customers are their work! Without customers, the business would make no money, have to lay off employees or simply close up shop. SMH! I just don’t get it. There needs to be a movement to improve customer service across the board!

  3. NAT!!! Howdy chica! Hope you are doing well.

    I just remembered your blog….was trying w/ a “y” and not di “i” fi ital!.
    Anyway, I’m gonna get subscribed!

    Reg this topic- def not too much to ask. When they do that, I def do not say thank you after taking up the change.
    I’m big on customer service, so depending on the mood, if they do not get it right the 1st time, I will not step foot back in their store. Sometimes I’ll give them a 2nd chance though. Could’ve been a bad day for the cashier, although that’s no excuse.

    • Hi Linda!! Good to hear from you! πŸ˜€ Glad you found the blog as well. I also feel the same way and have boycotted a few stores in my time for giving me poor customer service. I’d either not visit a particular store and check another branch/location or just simply not darken their doors again period. I will give a second chance though but no more. I can’t be spending my hard earned money where I’m not appreciated. True…we all have bad days. Thanks for dropping by and subscribing! Yay!

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