Keeping it one hundred…

You know it takes a special kind of ego to believe that you are always right; that there is nothing anyone can teach you; that your way is the best way (always) or that you’re above being spoken to or corrected.

I mean…as much as we’d all like to be perfect some of us know and acknowledge the fact that we are not.

Courtesy: Google Images. "Friendship"

Courtesy: Google Images. “Friendship”

It does take a level of maturity to get to a point in life where you can accept honest reproach or criticism gracefully (and if we’re really enlightened…gratefully). Alas, some people take longer than others to get there and unfortunately some apparently never do.

If you have family members or friends who you are close to and who you know have shown time and time again that they have your best interests at heart and have been there for you; then you should be able to recognize when they show you genuine concern.

These are the people closest to you. They’ve seen you cry, fail, stumble, make mistakes, laugh, succeed and accomplish. They root for you, encourage you, listen to and support you…sometimes even when you’re not always aware they’re doing so.

So when these people check you (aka let you know when you’re doing something dumb) you should know to your core that they are looking out for you. Sometimes, I know you might be “in your feelings” and not ready for the voice of reason. You may even be so dialed into your anger or hurt that you can’t see beyond the red mist or hear past your heart beat pounding in your ears to calm down and listen.

When people care about you, they want to protect you…sometimes even from yourself. It’s their way of saying: “Look, I know that you can’t see clearly right now but I can and I want to prevent you from: making an ass of yourself, making a terrible mistake, doing something you’ll regret, hurting yourself or hurting someone else!”

Throughout your life there will be many times when love, hurt, anger, pride, self-doubt etc will cloud your judgement and while many of us would love to think we will always make the right decision in these circumstances we are not infallible.

In such times, it is the duty of a good friend or family member to step in and let us know to take a minute or two to think or to straight up let us know when we’re wrong.

People who want their friends to co-sign everything they do whether right or wrong and say “yes” to everything are seeking fans…not friends.

A real friend tells you when you’re wrong. A real friend tells you when your behaviour is undesirable.

Value the friends who check you. A friend who checks you has your best interest at heart.





6 thoughts on “Keeping it one hundred…

  1. This resonates. The greatest friends are your guides and hold you accountable. My grandfather always said “Don’t make your company encourage you in slackness”

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