My Passwords Are Holding Me Hostage!!

It seems like within the last decade, the need for password-protected accounts have grown exponentially! I remember when Hotmail ® was all the rage (can you believe it was created back in 1996?) ringing in the era of web mail/ electronic mail (e-mail). A short time after it was bought by Microsoft ® and became MSN Hotmail ®. We were introduced to instant messaging through MSN Messenger ®.

Then other e-mail services started popping up and of course in trying to see which offered the better services you might have found yourself opening an account (and creating a new password) with each new e-mail provider.

If you’re a person like me; you might have an “original” email address, the one you went all creative with (or maybe not) when you first joined the new era of internet technology. This is the e-mail that all of your friends and family know (and refuse to stop emailing you at even though you hardly check it).

"The Hostage Holders!" Courtesy Google Images

“The Hostage Holders!”
Courtesy Google Images

Then as the years rolled by, you might have created another email account that was more “professional-sounding”. This is the one you created for academic purposes, business or the like.

When other businesses started joining the online community…you know, like your work place or your academic institution you may have been issued with another email address which identified that your communications to anyone from this e-mail provider should be concerning the business of said institution. Whoopee! More accounts and passwords! Yay! -_-

A few more years roll by and suddenly you can shop online as well for just about everything from coffee to a car and now you’ve found yourself creating accounts and passwords with these online businesses so that you can give them your money (I mean patronage) from the comfort of your home. What’s a few more passwords to add to our list eh?

Then in 2004 a group of college roommates got together and created an online social networking community which spread like wildfire around the globe and to this day appears to be holding steadfast. The birth of social media and its various platforms and communities has become quite vast.

If you like to keep on top of technology or communication trends like I do (#mediageekalert), it means more accounts and more passwords!

Even the buttoned-up and “serious” Banking and Financial institutions have gone electronic. You can have the convenience of doing your banking online and the joy of creating more passwords. Yay!

I could go on and on about the many accounts we’ve managed to accumulate in the 21st century but it would be exhausting!

Not only do you have to be creative with your passwords: such as making sure they are a combination of letters and numbers, of Upper AND lower case letters. They can’t be your birthday or a combination of it, nor your mother’s maiden name. You will also have to select security questions and sometimes give them an alternative email address to contact you if you forget your log-in information.

Courtesy Google Images- Copyright:

Courtesy: Google Images

Some accounts want your phone number so they can text you to make sure it isn’t a hacker trying to get all up in your personals. The real snazzy accounts will even ask you your own security question before letting you into your own account (I appreciate that…shout out to my banks) but still…side-eye. There are even some accounts that you sign up for and before they allow you access, they give you one of those “Capture” box thingies with the jumbled Upper and lower case letters and numbers and ask you to enter those correctly before giving you access…you know… “to make sure you’re not a robot.” -_-

Within the last 5 or 6 months I’ve re-set banking passwords, ebay ® passwords, work-related passwords and social media passwords. I just can’t! I have so many passwords I’m beginning to consider putting them all on a physical file folder and putting it in a Safety Deposit box (should I ever suffer from amnesia or anything). The only problem of course would be remembering the code to the Safety Deposit Box. 😀

Have your password-protected accounts ever driven YOU crazy?

Holla back! CN ❤


10 thoughts on “My Passwords Are Holding Me Hostage!!

  1. LMAO!! GIRL! the other day I needed to get into my yahoo, and musta had a senior moment cause it wouldn’t take my password, so I go to the secret question and was like WTF..ME NO REMEMBER THIS! Then back up email to reset, over to hotmail, was the first time accessing hotmail from my new laptop, so it asked me to confirm a code, that was sent to yahoo…LMAO..which i couldn’t get into.WHAT A DAY THAT WAS.

    • LOL! Story of my LIFE!! I swear if I call my bank one more time to have my password re-set they may start creating fees for that! (We know how “they” do!) 😀 Being locked out of an account is like being locked out of your car or home and trying to figure out where you lost your damn keys!

  2. Ahh this so on point. Thankfully I have a password keeper app on my phone which is a password vault. Had it not been for that, my access to work computer, systems and databases several bank accounts, utility or other service accounts would be challenged FREQUENTLY. I try to use the same password across the numerous accounts BUT some can be so dam demanding with their set up requirements that even if the words are the same, you now have to add special charaters or numbers or some don’t allow it. 😠😡 Matter of a fact, I don’t remember the password/security details to this very word press account so I’m blocked from liking YOUR blog posts. SMH!!! Ahh another method of holding us captive???

  3. There is a site that allows you to store all your passwords in one place so that you only need one password for everything you use…but then you’d have to remember that password too. LOL I so know what you mean though. At least once a week I have to send one of those “forgot password” requests. It really is soo damn much.

    • Marcella, that is what I’m afraid of! I’ve taken to “old school” methods of writing them down (in code and my own short hand of course). The joke is…sometimes I forget what my own codes are! 😀 Too much indeed!

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