Happy Teachers’ Day!

Happy Teachers Day


I would like to wish a very Happy Teachers’ Day to all those who made that decision to become educators.

It is not an easy vocation and it is often one in which its members sometimes feel overwhelmed and under-valued.

For many teachers, they’re not only educators but (unofficial) counsellors, therapists, surrogate parents and coaches among other things.

I’ve had the privilege of knowing teachers who took their students interests and needs beyond the classroom. There are teachers who offer extra lessons outside of school hours to help struggling students; who purchase supplies out of their own pockets for their classes and who offer students a second chance to make up a failing grade. There are teachers out there who are trying their best to ensure their pupils succeed despite all odds and obstacles.

In an era where many teachers feel over worked and under-paid, where students and in some cases parents verbally and even physically abuse them it’s not easy being in their profession.

When government cuts and budgetary restraints target schools, teachers are still expected to do their jobs and are criticized for even the slightest dip in students performance.

Yet, teachers continue to persevere and we salute you for it.

We salute you for your dedication, your inspiration, your determination and your role in not only preparing your charges for academic success but in preparing them for life and encouraging them to take an active role in their own success.




4 thoughts on “Happy Teachers’ Day!

  1. I had an “argument” with a friend who constantly complains that her teacher isn’t teaching her anything. I had to ask her if it’s that the teacher isn’t teaching or is that she isn’t learning? Teaching is the teacher’s responsibility; learning is the student’s responsibility. I say this to say, teachers sometimes have an unfair burden placed on them. Yet, they are willing to bear it for the sake of educating us.

    Hats off to them. Mrs. Henry (Grade 2), Mrs. Nielson (Grade 3) and Mrs. Clarke (3 years of high school math), mi tank unnuh.. Mrs. McHugh, 4 years of high school English, who beat me in class because I wasn’t living up to my potential, thank you. The list goes on.

  2. Hi JJ! Thanks for your comment. Yes, there is student responsibility in the learning environment. I agree with you.
    Thank goodness for the teachers who inspired us and pushed us to be our best selves! 🙂

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