An Ode to Sleep…

Day Three: Writing challenge- A poem based on sleep. 🙂

An Ode to Sleep


There’s nothing like a good night’s sleep:

Where your breath is calm and your snores are deep,

When your pillow’s comfy, cool and soft

Where your dreams soar higher than the loft.


There’s NOTHING like a good night’s sleep

When your home is quiet: there’s not a peep,

When your dreams are peaceful or quite sweet

A full eight hours is quite the treat!


There’s nothing like a GOOD night’s sleep:

With no worry for the alarm clock’s beep,

When you get to rest your weary head

Within the cozy comfort of your bed.



❤ Chattinatti 🙂



11 thoughts on “An Ode to Sleep…

  1. I like this… I experienced uninterrupted sleep about two weeks ago when my son was with his dad. Loved it and looking forward to the next time… 🙈

    I feel guilty for even thinking this much less posting it somewhere. Ugh!

    Nice string of words… Well thought out poem. ❤️💕

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