“The New Shoes”…a poem based on fallacy

Day 6 poetry prompt: Fallacy:

“Unsound arguments. Failures of reason…make poetry from known philosophical fallacies.”

This was a very interesting prompt. It made me think and I did have a few chuckles to myself as I considered which path to take…but then, I stopped “over-thinking” and gave it a go. 🙂



“The New Shoes”

I just had to buy these new shoes today:

because this morning’s coffee was decaf.

They were red, strappy and all kinds of naughty:

I had to…

as I liked the giraffe.

I know I have three similar pairs

but I hate odd numbers you see.

I really wanted that shot of espresso

and now my sister’s been stung by a bee!

Hope you enjoyed it! ❤ CN



14 thoughts on ““The New Shoes”…a poem based on fallacy

  1. Lovely shoes and my fav colour is red. I think I need a new pair of shoes, again. 🙂 I enjoyed reading your post. Thank you very much for visiting my blog and giving your view. I hope we can interact more. 🙂

  2. love it! 🙂 great idea and really nicely written ! and who doesn’t lie to themselves about needing shoes!! 😉 got to be one my my favourite fallacies personally 😉

  3. I really enjoyed this. I’m reading it and all the lines connected – they were sound arguments. Lol. Maybe because I’m…well…I’m…

    oh never mind…

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