Good-bye, So long, Farewell…

The final entry for WordPress Writing 101 asks for a poem in which you’re saying farewell.

I have enjoyed this 10 day process as it has helped to re-kindle my genuine love for poetry. I don’t always find the time to pen as many poems as I’d like, so I’ve appreciated the challenge. Thank you for taking the time to share this journey with me. I hope this is not a good-bye though 🙂 Feel free to drop by any time.

Here is my day 10 poem:



“Saying Good-bye”

Saying good-bye is never easy:

whether it’s for a few years

or a farewell that’s gonna last forever.

It’s knowing that there will always be a possibility

that life will continue

without the presence of someone you love.

Saying good-bye to a loved one

at the end of their life’s journey

is a special kind of pain because you know

you’ll never see them again.

You live with the ache

in that special place in your heart

that will always be theirs.


❤ CN





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