Stolen Kisses…



“Stolen Kisses”

Stolen kisses on skin so soft

That my lips sighed as they pressed against

Black velvet.

Butterfly kisses across your cheeks and eyelids

Nearly undid me

As I plied you with kisses of subterfuge.

In your moments of quiet repose,

I moved in stealth-mode

and dropped silent, stolen kisses on your dome.

You smile at my quiet ambush.

Too forward to blush,

I grin instead then giggle

Enjoying my stolen kisses

Like a brazen thief.

© 2010


2 thoughts on “Stolen Kisses…

  1. I like… I can relate. Romantic, passion, lust maybe? Thinking of a few words which comes to mind… Love. Yes definitely love. Flirtatious is another. Great piece.

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