OMG I’m A Bag Lady!

OMG When Did I become A Bag Lady?

Chattinatti Bag

I used to be one of those girls who hated purses and handbags. If it wasn’t something that could fit into my pocket or be carried comfortably in my hand. I wanted no part of it.

This was more so in a social or casual setting because I would carry a handbag for work. The one I would carry for work though would still be relatively small.

There was nothing worse for me than having to juggle a handbag in the club, or a party or for a quick jaunt into the city. I liked my hands free.

I don’t know why but I just detested walking around with too much “baggage” (pardon the pun).

Now, I look around and wonder when did I become not only a handbag/pocketbook carrier but when did I start carrying these colossal-sized accessories?


I remember when I used to laugh at and tease my cousin Sharon (hey Sharon!) for carrying around what I used to call her mega bags or her house! I just couldn’t for the life of me understand why she needed to walk around with bags that could fit the entire contents of a small village.

Not only were Sharon’s bags big…they were heavy! When we would go out and her bag was in the passenger seat, sometimes it required two hands and a good heave to move it!

I had to ask her WHAT was in there and she’d laugh and say “Girl, everything!” She wasn’t lying!

Now the joke’s on me! Somehow over the course of the last five years my bags have gone from little hand-held ones, to slightly larger one that required shoulder straps to now (grasps pearls and gasps dramatically)… MEGA bags!


I don’t know how it happened!

I guess it started happening when I realised I could carry all my “just-in-case” stuff, plus “things-I-can-fiddle-with-when-I’m-bored” stuff. Then, I decided to incorporate “things-I’ll-just-leave-in-my-bag-permanently” stuff.

Now, I have a collection of bags and whether I’m currently using them or not, they each have in them their own “things-that-will-remain-in-this-bag” stuff.

The drama always comes if I’m going somewhere in a hurry and I’ve picked a bag which doesn’t have the “things-I’ll-need-right-now” because I’ve forgotten which bag had those in.

Now, my hubby laughs at me and my bag dilemmas often. Well…that is until he happens to need something and I can whip it out from my bag or he has items that he can chuck into my bag for me to tote around for him. Hmm!

It’s an ongoing joke that I’m liable to pull anything out of my bag at any given time: nail file, sanitizer, lotion, charger, laptop, needle and thread, water, juice, fruit…

I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I’ve become a bag lady and that you know what? That’s alright. I own it.

I love a good bag. Are there any other bag lovers out there? Ladies-Handbags-Fashion

If so hit me up #bagloverandproud

❤ CN


8 thoughts on “OMG I’m A Bag Lady!

  1. i will NOT accept the happy bag lady title (in public) lol. i hope you know i smiled through the entire reading of this thinking “yes, that’s me!… in the pockets, yessss. girrrl i SO get you. oh gosh no, never in the club….. well, yeah i guess i use bags more now…. well, the big ones really do come in handy…. and fruit! don’t forget the space for fruit! i mean you never know when you’re gonna need….” OMG I’M A BAG LADY!!!!

  2. You so wrote about me and possibly every other woman out there. I’m definitely a bag lady… Always have been. I can relate to the weight issue and being able to whip out any and everything at the drop of a hat. Last week during an airport drop off, I placed my handbag on the scale help my Godmother with her luggage (and give my shoulder a break🙈😱) and surprisingly it weighed just under 3 pounds. Well this particular purse didn’t have my kindle nor bible. In recent times I’ve resorted to shifting the weight as my shoulders were really burdened. I couldnt bare to part with my “must haves” and “just in case” essentials so I opted to incorporate a “commute” bag which has the over flow of things I must have “just in case”. Might I add that “just in case” pops up every other blue moon, so the daily toting around of “stuff” isn’t necessary. Nonetheless I continue to cart around my essentials..only now I do it with two bags. Whenever just in case pops up, I’m prepared. I’ve gotten better tho… I had wayyy more stuff when my son was a baby/toddler. Wipes are still apart of my must haves tho. 😂😂

    • Lol! at the commuter bag! 😀 I haven’t gotten there yet and I’m starting to go through the more-worn bags and retire or send off for recycling. I don’t want to get too carried away! Three pounds almost? Lol! 😀

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