How Good Is Your Handwriting?

National Handwriting Day is on the 23rd of January.


I don’t know about you dear reader but since the personal computer became commonplace (many, many moons ago) šŸ™‚ my handwriting has become less than stellar.

The advent of the smart phone, laptops, (electronic) notebooks and tablets has made it easier to lapse on penmanship.

In fact…is that even still being taught in schools? I’m not being facetious at all, I’m asking seriously.

The funny thing is I love writing (I know right…duh!) but seriously, I mean I actually like putting pen to paper. I’m a list-writer, note-jotter and scribbler.

Other than the day to day necessities of perhaps writing your signature or jotting down something on a pad at work just how much writing does the average adult do? (Students, lecturers etc being an obvious exception)

I’m making a concerted effort to not mention doctors. I know, it’s an awful stereotype but I’ve yet to meet a doctor that didn’t cause me to squint and turn a prescription at all angles to decipher their medical scrawl. šŸ™‚


I used to think I had pretty decent handwriting; well for the most part at least. My handwriting actually varies. I have about three main types: medium sized print, cursive and then a combination of the two. Within those three main types, my handwriting varies between being neat and precise and competent .

I’ve been meaning to have my handwriting analysed but I’m not sure which writing type will “come out”. That makes it sound like my handwriting has multiple personalities but…it’s kinda the truth shrugs

I recently started to practice my cursive handwriting again with the aim of having beautiful penmanship. It’s coming along.

I think beautiful penmanship should be encouraged, in the era of technology and pecking away at a keyboard or keypad it would be lovely to remember that one of the three tenets of early education was indeed Writing. (The others of course being Reading and Arithmetic)

Did I just age myself? šŸ˜€ Lol!

I may do another post on National Handwriting Day and show my progress.

How good is your handwriting?

Holla back in the comments. ā¤ CN



15 thoughts on “How Good Is Your Handwriting?

  1. Mine needs work. It’s decent but I’ll be working on it. My goal is to send off atleast three or four handwritten letters/cards this year to friends in an effort to improve my writing.

    Good post.

    • Hiya Tara Ife, I’ve seen your handwriting, it’s pretty good! I also plan to send some handwritten letters. I usually send Christmas/Birthday cards every year but that’s about it. I will make an effort this year. šŸ™‚ Thank you!

  2. YES you dated yourself lol.

    My handwriting has suffered mainly because of the obvious (not writing as much, pecking at the computer more). When I take the time to write (stress, take the time) it actually looks decent… well, it looks like something Ms. Robins (grade 3 teacher) might find acceptable lol. Didn’t know there was a handwriting day. I’ll commemorate but by writing somebody I like a letter. šŸ™‚

  3. I’m a writer too….lol in terms of journals and notebooks and lists as you’ve mentioned. i love a good pen so you already know….my handwriting is ok, but i will diligently step it up with some serious calligraphy this year. we shall see!
    bless up ant šŸ™‚

    • Hi Linda! Well I know how a good pen makes writing so much more enjoyable (and prettier in my opinion) šŸ˜€
      Yes, I’d love to try calligraphy as well. It would be lovely to master it.
      Thanks for dropping in. Bless up! šŸ™‚

  4. I remember learning cursive in school, and the green boards with the white letters on them going around the classroom above the blackboards! Now I’ve shown my age too…I think having nice handwriting is important, I like to take pride in what I write and not just scribble…but you raised a great question do they even teach it anymore? Hmmm guess I’ll have to ask my great nieces and nephews!! Very fun read!!

  5. Nati! I swear, I know I say it often but I feel like you and I inhabit the same brain at times. I love writing, and try to journal often so that keeps the pen to paper. I also LOVE stationary. According to what Im told, my writing is beautiful…(wouldnt want to blow my own horn) I often get compliments on it BUT I have split personality writing too. My cursive is awesome and my combination print cursive, or jacked up print occasionally appears and I wonder WTH is wrong with me? What is this saying about my person right now?? And off I go on a tangent wondering about split personality as evidenced by my writing…Yes they sure dont do it as they used to, although I know in these parts handwriting books in school are still a thing.

    • Hi Marcellaandre! Yes we are for sure kindred spirits! I would love to undergo handwriting analysis because I’m quite sure different aspects of my personality come out to write! Lol! When I’m relaxed and not pressed for time is when I write my best I believe. Good to know they’re still teaching handwriting there though! I am making a conscious effort to pay attention to my penmanship. šŸ˜‰ Thanks for dropping by! ā¤

  6. “…multiple personalities”. Funny. My handwriting is still pretty good. My last job made sure of that. Now my daughter can’t wait to write in cursive.

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