Celebrate Yourself!

You know, I’ve been sitting on the idea for this post for about a week and a half. The title was the first thing I knew for sure. I knew what I wanted it to be about but I was trying to bring together all the ways in which this idea could be incorporated.

The timing (Black History Month…which while officially celebrated in February in America is also observed elsewhere in the Black diaspora) is actually quite auspicious and wasn’t planned at all.

In fact, the idea for this post came about as I was observing the brouhaha on social media and television about the 2016 Oscar nominations. The views and opinions of some celebrities and you know…us normal folk led me to question certain things.

Now, I’m not going to get all into the Oscars, Hollywood, celebrities and all that but rather the idea of waiting or needing others to celebrate you.

One of the harder challenges in life is learning to manage expectations…in fact one of my kindred sisters Cella Bella SoulSista recently wrote a blog post speaking to that very issue. https://wordpress.com/read/post/feed/15772510/900082294

It’s a very hard thing to come to terms with. From an early age you grow with expectations; your own, your parents and family, your teachers, friends etc.

You have expectations of others and others have expectations of you. Expectations can become a burden because depending on what they are; you may feel pressure to either deny your own sense of self in some way in order to please others or you may be disappointed when others fail to meet your expectations.

One of the expectations that many people have is waiting for someone else to celebrate them or their achievements. I mean…as a child you might have been celebrated for doing well in school, for excelling in sports or in the arts, for your birthday, graduation…you name it!

As you enter adulthood there may be other celebrations held for you: Your first job, a new home, marriage, the birth of a child etc.

However, you should always find ways to celebrate yourself. Don’t wait for others to celebrate you: whenever you’ve done especially well on that test you spent weeks studying for, or you’ve lost 20lbs and hit your goal weight, you’ve managed to finish that manuscript you’ve been working on forever, you’ve finished that important project at work and kicked butt, you’ve managed to clear off your debt/mortgage, you’ve lowered your cholesterol…whatever it is celebrate yourself!

Courtesy: Google Images

Courtesy: Google Images

Yes, it’s lovely when you receive recognition or reward for hard work or an accomplishment but if others do not recognize or celebrate you because of it, it does not diminish your achievement. It does not dim your light and it won’t dull your shine.

Every time you accomplish something give yourself a pat on the back, treat yourself to something you enjoy; look in the mirror and say “well done me!”

Don’t only celebrate your accomplishments either; celebrate who you are…the skin you’re in, your hair, your body, your height, your ‘awesomeness’ (Hey! If that’s what you feel like!) all the little things that make you YOU!

You’ll be surprised at the growth in your confidence, fortitude, self-love and inner peace. J

❤ CN


6 thoughts on “Celebrate Yourself!

  1. The timing of this post couldn’t be better. It’s one of those occurrences when I realize that God is speaking to me. Listen!

    Yesterday (Saturday Feb 6), my son who is five participated in a Black History Month event where his school did a play entitled black inventors. While they were the highlight of the show, there were other speakers who all spoke on various black history events, with one common thread… You are great. Be proud of who you are.

    Now let’s back up to getting ready for the event… The previous night (the Friday night) I laid my sons clothes out. I opted for his gray suit, blue collard shirt and a blue and gold tie. Black hard bottom shoes and his black belt. My son likes to look good. He’s what we call a “don”. He at the young age of five, has associated a particular dress style with him being like or looking like one of our greatest accomplishments is black history… President Barack Obama. Micah (my son) will say, “mom I look like President Obama” or in some cases, “mom I am the president!” Either way, he’s seeing and believing in his greatness. He’s accepting that he is great. I’m proud of that.

    Back to the black history event… Each child did well. The group was made up of first through third graders. My son being a year ahead is a first grader and the youngest among his mates portrayed the inventor of the fountain pen, the filament within the light bulb and refrigerator. I was one proud mama. 😇

    After watching the video when we got home, my husband and I noticed, the child that was the loudest, dressed the smartest, and received applause after each line he spoke was non other than Micah. We had a chat about it, some kids were soft spoken and shy, some were obviously nervous and some were probably thinking of the cartoon show they were missing.. After all it was a Saturday. All great kids but for a moment I wanted to be the mom to encourage them and tell them just how great they are. I wanted to tell them, they should be bold and confident. They should let go of any negative imagery they have of themselves so the next school event we sit to watch, it’s filled with all brightly lit faces. Sure of who they are even at such young ages.

    Follow chattinattis advice but stretch it beyond yourself. Teach your children to celebrate who they are. Embrace their greatness and love everything about who they are.

    I’m celebrating that I am great mom. I show up every day, every minute, every hour to do my best for my pumpkin. I often hear, being a mom can be a tiresome thankless job and perhaps it is, but I’m choosing to let that thought stop today. I’m celebrating my motherhood. 💖💖💖

    Thanks for the post Nats… Obviously it’s one I needed to read.

    One love.

  2. What a wonderful reply Tara Ife! I am so happy that it connected with you. You are indeed a great mom and your son is a reflection of all the love and “celebration” you give and encourage. May he continue to grow boldly and confidently…and yes celebrate something everyday! ❤ One love!

  3. This is another one of those “love” button posts. Seriously, you think the tech powers that be would take a hint by now :).
    Sooo love this Natti. Not only is it perfectly true but, as the universe would have it, perfectly timed! I’m grateful you put off writing this until now. I might not have been able to receive it fully then.

    • I’m so grateful that this speaks to you simplynatural1! I feel blessed every time something I write connects with another. I’m also glad I listened and waited to write. I always try not to force a developing idea. I let it fully ripen and then pluck it from my thoughts. 🙂 Thank YOU and keep on writing, I’m loving your posts as well! 1 ❤

  4. Sis. Blessed love and gratitude. So with you on this. We need to stop waiting for people to tell us we are great! Its not blowing your horn when you can look at your reflection lovingly, or just spend time quietly, or noisly (as I like to do) with the music turned up saying YEAH!!! I DID THAT. I am rather special…in a great way. Thanks for the reminder. thanks also for sharing my post. The next one is a little delayed but its coming.:-)

    • Marcellaandre~ Thank you so much sis! Exactly! Turn on your favourite tunes and boogie ’cause you’re fabulous! You’re welcome 🙂 I’ll enjoy it when it arrives…no rush. #expectationsmanaged 😉 ❤

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