Saturday Slay! Formation!

Bey I Slay

Saturday Slay!

By now the whole world probably knows that Beyonce’ dropped a single on Saturday, (6th February, 2016). Dropped is definitely the operative word here as it was a metaphorical bomb of such blackness that if squid ink and tar had a baby, it still wouldn’t be as black as “Formation”.

It’s black with no apologies. It not only resonates with African Americans but Blacks in the West Indies, Brazil, Africa, UK, Europe and possibly wherever Blacks find themselves on this green earth.

Mrs. Carter co-opted ALL the blackness there is, was and possibly ever shall be and mixed up a gumbo of blackitude and served it with a side of hot sauce.

I don’t know the brand she carries in her swag bag but as for me and my Antiguan people we rock with Susie’s ® 😀 I know my fellow West Indians like their Matouks ® and Grace ® as well.

I’m not a member of the Beyhive and I may not always like some of her lyrics and language BUT as a creative, feminist, artist, believer-in-sisterhood and proud possessor of ‪#‎blackgirlmagic …not to mention supportive of ‪#‎BLM I am HERE for ‪#‎formation ! Yes Bey slays…but this message is ‪#‎slayage! Yes!

I didn’t rush to make a post about this yesterday because, I had to marinate after seeing the video for the first time. Then, I went over it again this time paying keener attention to the images and the lyrics; it furthered my original thought…this song and its accompanying video is fiyah!

From out the gate Beyoncé dismisses the Illuminati conspiracy theorists; she makes it clear that she envisions what she wants, works hard for it, grinds for it and basically doesn’t stop ‘til she gets it! Her vision board is 20/20 and her work ethic apparently is epic because she’s firmly on her throne with none present to topple her.


She loves her husband and she loves her child; she loves their blackness…”Jackson 5 nose”, “baby hair and afro”s. She doesn’t care what nay-Sayers have to say about her or her family and she’s letting them know it.

I’ll be honest, as a dancer I usually admire Beyoncé’s dancing skills and her choreography first, then the sick beats and catchy dance tunes. However, I’ve always vibed with her female empowerment messages. To me, “Who Run the World/Girls” has been my favourite song/video of hers…now that Formation has dropped, I’m vibing on a different level.

In my humble opinion, to use Gamer parlance; Beyoncé has “leveled up”. It is pointless at this point to debate her skills as a performer, entertainer or artist and I don’t want to. She is showing that she is culturally, socially and politically aware and while some know of her and her husband’s philanthropic activities she seemingly has kept certain ‘elements’ out of her art.

No more though. She came out swinging with Formation and there are elements of her social consciousness which speaks to Black Girl Magic, Black Lives Matter, Black identity, Louisiana and the hurricane Katrina disaster it’s still trying to rise from…so many messages…I could go on for another couple of paragraphs.

The artistry of the costumes, images, scenes, choreography all work together to maximum effect. The lyrics…calling sistas to join the formation and slay in their own way and to do it without apology is brilliant! I’m here for it all!

I don’t normally write about music (even though I love it) and I can’t say I’ve written about Beyoncé before but I had to put words to the immediate impact l felt when I listened to and watched the video for the first time.

So, as I stick my afro pick in my hair, I nod my head while listening to Formation yet again.

I see you Beyoncé.

Well done sistah girl.

I like the direction you’re moving in.


Slay on Slayer! 😉

❤ CN

all images courtesy Google


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