10 original thoughts for fortune cookies…

Fortune Cookies

Seeking a bit of inspiration, I decided to check my book of writing prompts to see how spontaneous I could be today. I chose this Prompt: “Write 10 original thoughts that can be stuffed inside fortune cookies for perfect strangers to read.” These are the thoughts that flowed through. 🙂


There are worse things than a bad hair day.

You will love yourself unconditionally.

Never waste your breath, oxygen is precious.

Find your gift, unwrap it and share it with the world.

Never limit your dreams, that’s one thing that’s in your control.

Happiness is an inside job and you’re qualified.

Expect more from yourself than you do of others.

Give what you can, do what you can and be what you will.

Like flowers in a garden; we all bloom at different times.

You’re one of a kind; celebrate that every day!

Fortune Cookie 1






2016 © Chattinatti

What would you write? J  ❤


7 thoughts on “10 original thoughts for fortune cookies…

  1. Great little reminders to use when life gets hectic, overwhelming and stressed out and also fuel/motivation for us to live our best lives.


    Thanks for sharing.

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