NaPoWriMo Poetry Challenge Day 14: “Spring”

“Today’s prompt comes to us from TJ Kearney, who invites us to try a seven-line poem called a san san, which means “three three” in Chinese (It’s also a term of art in the game Go). The san san has some things in common with the tritina, including repetition and rhyme. In particular, the san san repeats, three times, each of three terms or images. The seven lines rhyme in the pattern a-b-c-a-b-d-c-d.”

My San San is called simply: “Spring”

Cherry Blossom Tree.jpg


One of my favourite things about Spring

is watching the pink blooms on a Cherry Blossom  tree.

I love smelling the awakening Earth.

When the robin perches on the branch to sing

and I hear the gently buzzing bee

Sipping nectar from a flower.

I marvel at the orchid’s rebirth

while standing in an April shower.


© Chattinatti 2016



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