NaPoWriMo Poetry Challenge Day 18: The Sounds of My Childhood

The Sounds of My Childhood


Night sky

I remember nights

still and balmy

when I’d be getting ready for bed;

I’d tell my mom

“I’m not sleepy,

I’d rather listen to the stars twinkling instead.”


Gingerbread House 2

I never realised the “twinkling”

wasn’t a sound

made by the stars at all;

but was rather the chirping

of crickets

playing a night symphony for us all.



The sounds of my childhood

include the Ground Dove

that cooed again and again;

“Moses speaks God’s word”

it warbled and ended with

“Father God send rain.”



I loved the sound of the raindrops

as they pummeled

the corrugated zinc;

like a Tenor pan

playing sweet melodies,

it was more therapeutic

than you’d think.


Galleon Beach Antigua.jpg

I remember the sounds of the sea

rushing up

to foam at the shore;

the waves crashing against the rocks

is a sound I don’t hear much anymore.


Antigua StJohns ShoppingStreet 01

I miss the sounds of my people

The accents

So mellowed an sweet

Whenever I visit my homeland

I relish

The sounds of the street.


© Chattinatti 2016

❤ CN



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