NaPoWriMo Poetry Challenge Day 24:

Note: NaPoWriMo Poetry Challenge officially ended April 30th but I was ill for almost 2 weeks and was not feeling creative. I saved the prompts and will be posting my poems simply because I like to finish what I start  🙂  (If you still read them, I’m most appreciative!)❤

Today’s prompt: “…write a “mix-and-match” poem in which you mingle fancy vocabulary with distinctly un-fancy words…hopefully you’ll end up with a poem that makes the everyday seem poetic, and which keeps your poetic language grounded.”

Courtesy Google Images

Courtesy Google Images

~May Day~

The day broke fresh and new.

The sun was like the prettiest dandelion

its rays scattered across the land like

petals on the wind.

The breeze was cool and enveloping

like cool, clean sheets on feverish skin.

As I made a pot of coffee to start my day

I stared at the grounds, the stained glass pot

and contemplated the dirty dishes.

I turned away from cereal-crusted bowls

to the dark, life-giving fuel in my cup.

I walked out into the sunshine

closing the door on the untidy kitchen

and focused on the beautiful day ahead.

I avoided fresh dog pudding on the sidewalk,

put my aviators on and smiled into the

May sunshine.


© Chattinatti 2016





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