NaPoWriMo Poetry Challenge Day 27: May Showers

Note: NaPoWriMo Poetry Challenge officially ended April 30th but I was ill for almost 2 weeks and was not feeling creative. I saved the prompts and will be posting my poems simply because I like to finish what I start.  (If you still read them, I’m most appreciative!) 🙂

The prompt: “…write a poem with very long lines. You can aim for seventeen syllables, but that’s just a rough guide. If you’re having trouble buying into the concept of long lines, maybe this essay on Whitman’s infamously leggy verse will convince you of their merits. Happy writing!”

April Showers May Flowers

May Showers

To fully enjoy a spring day in May you need to have some sunshine.

If April showers bring May flowers then these showers have over-stayed.

Love the smell of earth after it rains but some more sun will be just fine.

I need some good weather to wear a sundress while drinking lemonade.


© Chattinatti 2016






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