Everybody Has An Opinion…

Since when did opinions become facts?

In the age of social media, we have all become familiar with the comment sections on posts, blogs, videos, articles etc.

And it seems to me (and maybe lots of other people as well) that some posters use the comment feature to just spew the most negative views or to unleash their vitriol with a heavy dose of keyboard venom.

Courtesy Google Images

Courtesy Google Images

Yes, there are and will always be dissenting views offline (aka IRL In Real Life) and online on any number of issues or topics; that’s unavoidable.

But since when does “It’s my opinion” equate to being nasty? People are using that phrase on the inter-webs like there’s no tomorrow or as if Bitcoins fall into a secret vault every time it’s typed.

Everyone has an opinion and with the 7.4 billion people in the world and with 3.17 billion internet users as of 2015, that’s a HUGE sandpit of opinions to jump over or wade through.

Because of my media training and background, I tend to find myself on a lot of news sites, pages and feeds and let me tell you, if there was a corporation hiring for internet opinions I think the unemployment levels would be reduced drastically.

Now, I love a good debate and I love learning new things so I like to hear/read informed opinions on matters I find interesting. If I know something about the topic, great; if not, there’s always research.

But nah! Some people can’t be bothered with having knowledge or doing research; all they need is their opinion. Cold, hard facts can’t stand in the face of their beliefs or feelings.

My favourites are the ones who use: “It’s my opinion” as their hall pass to be rude or mean-spirited. You see this a lot in the comment sections of celebrity pages, picture posts, political posts…but usually posts where someone’s looks, clothes or actions can be critiqued for public consumption.

These commenters tend to use excuses like: “Well, they put it out there.” “This comes with their lifestyle”, “This is a public page” etc.

And why is it always the ones with the uninformed opinions who want to get belligerent and beat you over the head with them?

Hiding behind the North Wall of the internet and throwing out mean-spirited, nasty or bullying comments like rancid spit balls at the back of someone’s head by saying “It’s my opinion” isn’t slick. It also doesn’t absolve you from receiving clap backs when people take you on for those comments.

No one’s saying people can’t have opinions or share them, I just think it’s a bit mean and disingenuous to call insults, barbs, propaganda and bullying “just opinions”.

(To be continued…)

What are your thoughts? ❤ CN

Pulling someone down


4 thoughts on “Everybody Has An Opinion…

  1. People have a crazy sense of bravery, or finger thuggery, in the comfort of what I like to assume is their dank, stanky, little apartment. They are just mean for sport, without one shred of genuine or constructive criticism. We are all entitled to our opinions, but some people are plain trolls, looking to get a rise out of others. It is best to kill it with bug spray and let it die. Responding to them is letting them win. Let them fade off into oblivion, which is a good place to scream their opinions.

  2. To quote my girls Salt ‘n Pepa… opinions are like … oh psyche I’m in my Wadadli Pen identity and can’t use that kind of language. LOL. But, yes, I agree the internet creates both a false intimacy (leading to overshare) and false sense of anonymity (meaning I can say whatever I want with no consequences including having to look the person in the eye and see that, yes, words do hurt and celebrities are people too). Of course, just as our online friends aren’t necessarily real friends that sense of anonymity is dubious at best and people have paid the price for their words. And if you’re wondering which Salt ‘n Pepa song I almost referenced, go youtube None o’ Your Business.

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