New Books! Yay!

So, I bought these books back in May and I planned to take my sweet time in reading them (since it’s now August, I guess I’ve really taken that to heart) and to share my thoughts.

New Books

I have a lot of books on my kindle ® from various genres and I love the portability of it as well as the ability to have a virtual library on one device. However, for the true book lovers or book worms 🙂 there is almost nothing like the feel and smell of a new book.

When I get a new book one of my simple joys is to gently flip the pages so that new book smell can waft to my nostrils. Mmm, bliss!

I finished THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN in about a week or so and will be writing another post dedicated to that soon.

Have you read any new books lately or are you reading one now? I’m looking for good recommendations from any genre.

Hit me up and let me know! ❤ CN


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4 thoughts on “New Books! Yay!

  1. OMG YESSSSS! I soo know what you mean. Nothing more exciting that getting and reading new books. I have that Zadie Smith book on my to-get list and I’ve read Marlon James’ book (took me a week or so because of its size but lawwwd he had me from the first page!).

    I’m waiting on four fiction books to come in and will be doing the happy dance when I finally get to settle in and lose myself in them.

    Looking forward to your review of The Girl On The Train.

  2. Okay. I haven’t started it yet, making my way through White Teeth at the moment (while also reading an e-book : The Last Call- a Bill Travis Mystery by George Wier) 😀 But it’s next on my list! ❤

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