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I’m back in the gym after a month’s absence. I really hate when I have a good rhythm going on with my gym sessions and then something throws me off and I fall off. I’ve fallen off about two times already for the year so far (for more than a month). It’s like every four months or so I have a work out relapse.

My first fall off was health-related. I’d been doing physio a couple times a month for two and a half months (back problems). I’d been going to the gym but wasn’t hitting it as full out as I wanted to.

Finally, I got the “okay” from the physiotherapist and I secured the services of a personal trainer. He slowly introduced me to weigh and circuit training. Well, saying “slowly introduced is being slightly generous. I did an initial assessment session prior to starting with him so he could assess my stamina, strength and overall level of fitness.

I told him my fitness goals, targets and one or two limitations (bad knees, a tricky back and what not) Lol! Not to make myself sound like a broken down car or anything bad you know! I didn’t want any unnecessary injuries or setbacks.

I met with my trainer twice a week for the month of June. After that, I could definitely see changes in my strength and stamina as well as muscle tone.

July more or less went down the drain as I was back to feeling unwell. I’d been on some meds and a side effect was weight gain…Oh! Along with break outs. Yay! My two favourites! (not)

I’ve quit the meds and now need to shift a stone which is about 14 lbs.

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So, I’m back once again trying to get into a solid 3 gym days a week and maybe 120 minutes of walking/running per week as well.

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I’m no gym bunny and have never really used a gym consistently for more than 4-6 months but I’m trying to achieve some health goals and I’m putting this post out there so that I can hold myself accountable. It will also serve to remind and motivate me when I’m feeling lazy or trying to slack off. J

Anyone else out there with #healthgoals #fitnessgoals or on a #weightlossjourney?

Any tips?   ❤ CN

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2 thoughts on “Fitness Goals…

  1. Sigh….wish I had tips. The only one I can give is #don’t give up. I was on a solid path this year with my dancing, walking, and pounds dropped…now they are all back on and starting again is the worst thing but a necessary thing. My drop off came from a variety of reasons but I shall not give up. Time for dance classes to resume!! Keep going Nati!

    • Thanks Marcella! Yeah…when you’re in the groove you actually feel so good after you’re done working out! It. Once you fall off though you have to find that motivation. Once I maintain this enthusiasm, I’ll be good. Thanks girl! ❤

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