How Can I take You Seriously?

Hi guys, I just had to pause my day to get a little rant out of my system. Please permit me the opportunity to get this off my chest.


email sig meme

For the person who just did this (and for the people who do this).

How can I take you seriously if we’re corresponding on a professional level and you can’t or won’t take the time to spell my name correctly?

I mean, my name is literally my email address. Right there. In black and white.

I have a preset signature at the bottom of all emails with my FULL NAME. Sometimes, (just for a personal touch) I even still type my first name above my signature at the close of communication. You know, that indicates you are being a tad personable.

And after all this you STILL respond to me and spell my name wrong? If it weren’t professional communication, I’d send back a cheeky response like “I think you have the wrong recipient”…but you force me to remain professional and respond even though, I’m not this person whose name you’ve typed. I almost closed my email by leaving the last letter of your name off…you know…reciprocity and all that.

Instead, I chose to bold my name in my signature. I’m sure it may not even register on your radar.

I can forgive a one-off typo but simply using what you think is unacceptable.

How can I take you seriously? It’s so disrespectful and unprofessional.

People, in a professional setting or in business communication, please take the time to ensure you are addressing people correctly and also spelling their name correctly.

It’s professional communication 101.

Come on, let’s get it together.

Put some respeck

rant over

❤ CN~

© Copyright Chattinatti 2016


4 thoughts on “How Can I take You Seriously?

    • Lol! Thanks Marcella! Yes, I’m going to start doing that! You should see me side-eying the “Hello Natasha” when right above it is my actual dang name! There isn’t even an “h” in it. -_- I might start hitting them with the name in CAPS! 😀 x

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