Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

Some time ago, my husband and I were leaving the cinema on a Saturday evening .The weather had decided that it was through with summer.The air was already turning a bit crisp and the leaves had begun their autumnal transformation.

We made our approach to a park adjacent to the cinema; laughing and talking about the just concluded film, we noticed a young male looking quite pale and thin running into the park with another male lying prone in his arms.

Almost as one our steps faltered as we watched the fellow struggle with his mate in his arms. The young man he was carrying looked the worse for wear and quite frankly didn’t look like he was conscious.

I was immediately alarmed. The fellow who was carrying him laid him on the park bench and was trying to prop his head up and arrange him. At this point, my concern was at an all-time high and I said to my husband he doesn’t look too good. We approached hesitantly and I asked if his friend was alright.

The guy said something that was unintelligible. He looked like he was sweating profusely and spoke very fast and jumbled. So we pointed to his friend laying on the bench and asked for a second time if he was alright. He said “Too much…” and then mimed a smoking action. We both went “Ahhh!”

Not quite comfortable enough to walk away and leave it at that, my husband said that his friend needs to get some help and the guy replied that he’d called for help.

Somewhat unsure, we said okay and after we’d walked about ten steps, I said to hubby that I wasn’t satisfied with walking away with that as the poor guy on the bench really did not look like he was going to make it. We agreed that perhaps we should call 999.


By this time we’d gotten to the car and I got my phone out as we were pulling away from the curb. I’m about to dial when I hear the wail of a siren. We pull over and look back to see an ambulance driving into the park and paramedics emerging.

We were quite relieved to realise that he had in fact called 999. The short amount of time that it took for our encounter with him and for us to reach the car and have the ambulance turn up means that he called them before rushing into the park with his friend’s limp body.

He also looked like he could use some assistance but I couldn’t see if he had remained with his friend or not.

Since that incident, I’ve been wondering how it all turned out and if that young man survived.

I sure do hope so.

❤ CN


5 thoughts on “Am I My Brother’s Keeper?

  1. With life being so consuming and folks being self absorbed being my brothers keeper sometimes gets lost in hectic lifestyles. Besides busyness (if that’s a word 🤔) there is that “mind your business” rule where people don’t get involved for fear of getting caught up in mess. Your post is a good reminder that life extends beyond our nose and we should give a helping hand, a compassionate ear and a shoulder to lean on whenever such is needed. Iyangla said on one of her very thought provoking “fix my life” episodes… forget being my sisters keeper, take it a step further… I am my sister. I am my brother.

    Thanks for sharing. Peace and love.

    • You are so right Tara Ife! There is a sense of distrust that we’ve developed when it comes to approaching someone who seems in distress/need and rightly so in many cases as danger and scams are real. However, I do believe that in most people there is a sense of humanity and compassion, we just need to tap into it more often. While minding our business is often good advice, sometimes our brother’s/sister’s business should be our business when it comes to lending a helping hand. ❤ Thanks for dropping by!

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