Happy New Year!


Before 2016 was even half way through, a lot of people expressed disgust for the year due to the loss of well-known, well-loved artists and celebrities.

Outside of the entertainment sphere many were left shocked and disappointed by events on a political level. Here in the UK, many (well at least 48%) people were left gob-smacked by the result of the Brexit referendum.

Not even six months after Brexit, the United States saw the election of Donald Trump…a billionaire real estate mogul (among other things) who was perhaps best known for his reality show:The Apprentice or maybe for his marriages to former models and pageant contestants.

Many in the US and around the world were left in a state of utter disbelief. In quite a few quarters, it was thought that Trump’s campaign rhetoric was divisive, racist, sexist and bereft of facts. This, they thought would have swayed a majority in voting against him, his policies and his message. They were wrong.

Even with all the negative events in last year’s news broadcasts and the negative things I experienced on a personal level as well; I’m still grateful for 2016.

I’m grateful for rekindled friendships; for brand new ones; for career opportunities and the chance to serve as a volunteer. I’m grateful for an Arts retreat I attended; for reuniting with a loved one after an 8 year good-bye and to attend a Story Telling Festival.

I’m grateful for traveling to new places and countries. I’m grateful to see people I know finding love, getting engaged, getting married, having children; to see friends accomplishing goals and setting new ones. I’m grateful to see my friend’s children (some of whom are my God children) growing into solid young men and women.

I’m grateful for business ventures that are blossoming and for progress in the right direction and I’m definitely grateful for the love and support of the ones I love and who love me. ❤

Yes, there are many things which did not go according to plan and there were disappointments and sadness but the best thing about 2016 is that I survived it.

I survived it and so did my loved ones and friends…and if you’re reading this now, you did too!

For all these things, I’m grateful.

Courtesy: Google Images

Courtesy: Google Images

Happy New Year everyone! May the cloak of happiness warm you, the road to success rise to meet you, the armour of love protect you and the blessings of the creator shower you!

❤ Peace and Love ~ CN

© Chattinatti 2017


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. I abousolutley love this. Such gratitude. I felt how gratrful you are with each word written. Gods blessings and many many great blog posts to you.

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