Supermarket Etiquette

Is there such a thing as Supermarket Etiquette? If not, I think there needs to be.

There are some people out there who should go grocery shopping perhaps five minutes after the supermarket opens…or maybe some other time when they can have the place to themselves. These are the people who are seemingly oblivious that there are other people traversing the aisles as well shopping for sustenance.

In my humble opinion, I think some things should be observed in order to facilitate easy shopping flow and low blood pressure levels. 🙂

  1. The Road Code – When pushing a trolley you stick to a side of the aisle. Think of it as driving and observe the same “road rules”. Some countries drive on the left and others on the right. I’m not aware of any country where it’s the norm to drive your vehicle down the middle of the road.
aisle blocker

aisle blocker

  1. Tailgating – If you are pushing a trolley behind of someone, realise the onus is on you to avoid colliding into the back of the hapless shopper. Until some technological advance occurs which allows us to have a 360 degree view, we’re just going to have to assume that the person facing forward can’t see behind them and thus be able to move out of your way to avoid being clipped on the ankle by your trolley. So back up, swerve and allow a few feet of space between yourself and the shopper in front of you. No one likes a trolley tailgater.

  2. The Ghost Trolley – This is the cart that seems to be without an owner. It is at a stand still in the supermarket with items inside. Usually, this cart can be seen standing right in front of the section you’re trying to get to. You don’t want to be accused of touching someone’s “stuff”, so you approach slowly…hoping that by the time you get to the section, the owner will have returned and pushed it out of your way. The closer you get, the more you look around to see if anyone is nearby who could possibly own the items in the trolley.

Groceries hanging out in the Ghost Trolley

Groceries hanging out in the Ghost Trolley

*The Ghost Trolley has also been sighted in the cash queue (fully loaded) with no owner in sight. I usually wait to see if the groceries are going to pay for themselves and just how long the queue is going to get before someone calls the Ghost busters. 🙂

  1. The Conscientious Consumer – This is the shopper who gives (usually unsolicited) advice to you while you’re trying to decide whether or not you really need this item or while you’re reading the label. They have no idea of your dietary needs or health situation but will proceed to tell you why you should or should not get that item. Of course if they’re telling you that you can get it cheaper at “X,Y,Z” then we welcome such information. 😉

  2. The T.G.I. (Trolley Goods Inspector) – We’ve all encountered one of these shoppers. They usually hang out at the cash queue but can be found in front of the frozen goods section, toiletries, baked goods or meandering through various aisles. The T.G.I. looks at your trolley with such intensity you wonder if they’re judging you based on your eating habits or if you have some prohibited item placed carelessly among your purchases. No one likes a “Nosy Nelly”…keep it moving!

  3. Wonky Wheel – This one is for the supermarkets. What IS IT with the wonky wheeled trolleys? Please fix these trolleys or put them out of commission. You don’t see us driving on the road with a tire that is going in a direction opposite to the others so why should we try to push one of these trolleys with an errant wheel? Nothing is more annoying than picking up the only available trolley only to find that when you push straight ahead it veers off to one side like a car that needs alignment. The Wonky Wheel trolley is a terror to push and is a good reason not to “tailgate”. Being clipped by one of these beasts is not fun.

wonky wheel

Come on supermarkets! With all the business we give you on a daily basis, the least you could do is have those wonky wheeled trolleys fixed.

Should we all utilise a little supermarket etiquette…grocery shopping can be a much more rewarding, stress-free and incident-free experience. 😀


18 thoughts on “Supermarket Etiquette

  1. Funny. Don’t get me started. My biggest displeasure is reserved for “Ms Long Bag”, “Ms Never Done”, “Ms I Got It” and “Ms Wait”. And, when they are all one person, I get a headache and start frothing through the nose.

    Ms Long Bag: Her bag is so big she cannot find her I.D. or money so she holds up the line while stirring around in her barrel of a purse.

    Ms Never Done: she continually turns around and add last minute items to her purchase while AT THE REGISTER/CHECKOUT. She may even politely ask you to wait “just a minute” while she sends her child to go get “xyz”.

    Ms Got It: She always has the exact amount of her purchase – she just can’t find the money. (Twins with Ms Long Bag).

    Ms Wait: she stands there, watches the items being checked out and closely looks at cost of each item. However, her money (Ms I Got It) is in her (Ms) Long Hand Bag, she has one more item to get (Never Done), and then she STARTS looking for her money. She watches the whole event unfold and is no where near prepared to pay until the cashier rings up her entire purchase.

    I’ll quit here. I told you don’t get me started. Lol

    And yes, it is always a female.

    • LOLOLOL…I have to admit that I am “Ms. Long Bag” and “Ms. Never Done”!! I can never find my card (and coupons, of course) and I always get to the line and forget something and send my 10 year old daughter to get it (and of course, she can never find the aisle that it’s in, or brings me the wrong item so I send her back to get the correct item!!)…

      Like others have stated, I do not like the grocery store so I do not approach the task correctly and therefore I am completely unorganized and scatter-brained while I am in there!!! To make matters worse I always have my children with me so I can never just go in there and get the two or three things I planned on getting…I end up with a cart filled with crap that I never intended to buy…and forget the items I specifically came in to purchase!!!!!

      So don’t be TOO HARD on us–Ms. Long Bag and Ms. Never Done, LOLOLOLOLOL!!! I will try to be better prepared in the future!

    We truly ‘ave di same birthday, cause clear, you are a rass. 😀 Don’t get me started on the Ms Long Bag comment…Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa,..this was a laugh I NEEDED today. Thank You Nati.. Keep posting. I hate grocery shopping with a paassion, most people and things irritate me in a supermarket. The other day I’m putting Xion in a cart (’cause I know my child and will not have anyone giving me dirty looks if he mis-behaves, so I prefer him in the controlled environment of a shopping cart, + he likes it so its a win win,..Dis man wid his rass fastness, come ask me if my child not too big for the cart. Gyal,..a only because me know Jesus and he is my friend and constant companion, wamek me no buss 2 bumboclaat, underneath dat man… ..I will not continue, cause me nar go ever done. I THANK YOU! 😀

    • Hahaha, indeed. You have to have a certain frame of mind when you go grocery shopping.
      I won’t say anything about you mentioning J.C. and BC in the same sentence!
      LOL! 😀
      People just can’t mind their business at times I guess. Now, if Xion was running around and making mischief I’m sure that same man would give you dirty looks. Tsk tsk! Whooo sahh my friend. 🙂

  3. But you nuh seet? lol… It is because I KNOW JESUS,..why he didn’t get the Bumboclaat..LOLOLOL!.. 😀 Me a soldier in Jah Army…lol come mek me go post my Throw back Thursday blog post and come off a your blog please. I cannot stop laughing. You need to do a follow up to this post,…I too want to do one on cell phone etiquette, ’cause this dude in the bank PISSED me off the other day with his cell phone music. I swear… as my late grandmother used to say…. Thank God for Jesus. smh…lolol 😀

    • 😀
      A follow up is a distinct possibility. I have an idea for cell phone etiquette too but it’s like I’m afraid I won’t be able to reign myself in!
      There is just TOO much to cover there. LOL!
      Enjoy your #TBT post, I will drop by!

  4. I hate the Wonky Cart… annoyingly keeps goings left left left or right right right….. and the T.G.Is …I keep staring at them and they look up, smile unapologetically. ..haha

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