When life gives you dead roses…

Rose potpourriMake potpourri. 🙂

I’ve had some roses I received some weeks ago, to be honest they’ve probably been dead for at least the last week…but they were still such a pretty colour I was loathe to throw them out. Today after picking up yet another set of dead leaves and petals from the rug, I decided it’s time to throw them out.

As I tipped the water out the vase, I looked wistfully at the roses and thought “hmmm, maybe I can save the petals.” Maybe…maybe fleetingly my mind flashed back to romantic movie scenes where rose petals were strewn over lovely clean sheets…on the top of a warm bubble bath or leading the way to “a good time” heh heh! 😉

But usually, the rose petals used in those kind of scenes are still fresh. The thought of getting poked by dry brittle petals and hearing the soft crunch as you squash them doesn’t sound romantic to me. I seriously doubt it would feel romantic either. Lol!

That’s when I thought of potpourri. I’ve researched a few recipes and I look forward to trying something new.

Instead of littering the house with petals, I can create my own sweet, subtle scents with my home made potpourri and enjoy the smell of romance…in the air. 😉

Home made Rose potpourri

Home made Rose potpourri


8 thoughts on “When life gives you dead roses…

  1. AHHH nats… You’ve just reminded me of my own set of dried up roses. I received a dozen long stem red roses on the day of my under grad graduation — back in 2000. Yes they have lasted this long (June this year will be 14 years)!!! I’ve moved them from DC to MD to NYC and they are still standing strong. Perhaps it’s time to turn them into potpourri??? Who knows. I’m holding onto the sentiments and I’m leaning towards holding onto them in the same way as received 14 years ago. 🙂

    • 14 years?! :O
      I’m not sure there is any scent left in them to make a potpourri. Can’t say for certain what 14 year old rose petals will smell like now, even after some essential oils are added. 🙂
      Maybe you can press them and keep them in a scrap book or something.
      14 years!!! Wow. Sentimental indeed. 🙂

    • Thanks Tess. Yep, good way to re-use your flowers and create your own signature potpourri. I’m going to source some cedar wood chips as well as my lavender essential oil. 🙂

  2. That is a great idea! I am still holding on to my roses from Valentine’s Day because I do not want to throw them away! Thanks for the inspiration :)!

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